The Blood Donors Association was created in 1998 and duly registered with the Registrar of  Associations on 22nd March 1999. It was officially launched on 10 November 1999 with 15  members at that time, the association has expanded to  a fraternity of over thousands blood  donors, organizers, motivators, associates, corporate health care partners and sponsors and  members from all walks of life. Their shared mission: to bridge the woeful gap between the supply  and demand of the life-saving fluid (blood) in Mauritius.  At BDA, we believe that the most effective way tis to bring the bank to the donors, rather than wait  for them to come forward on their own. The mobile blood collection is therefore the focal point of  our activities. Apart from organizing our own mobile blood collection, we extend our services to  some organizers which includes:  Sending speakers to seminars prior to mobile blood collection  Advising on publicity and motivational programs  Organizing mobile blood collection Delivering stickers and incentives to donors  Honoring donors and blood donation organizers  Providing any other support required  Our commitment is to improve transfusion service in the country by building a healthy donor base  and collection infrastructure. In a larger context, we coordinate and associate with social workers in   all part of the country to further the cause of blood collection. With many projects: short term and long term in mind, BDA is working continously with the Blood  Transfusion Service to as to reach a 100% Voluntary Non-Remunerable blood donors which is now  about 85% and this can only be achieved when all partners work together for a common goal in   serving our fellow beings whose lives depend on us. Donation of blood is measured in millimeter but its true value can never be measured in terms of  volume. The man who offers to give blood gives a part of himself and shares his love and  compassion for those who are in need of blood and blood components. For a particular moment  one heart beats for two souls through this bond of donating blood.  BDA is the privilege and main partner of the Ministry of Health & Quality of Life. We have been  partneering together since 2005 in hosting the Mega Blood Donation and in 2003, we launched the  Pledge 25 Clubs in Mauritius, where we inculcate in the youth the thirst for knowledge and to  inspire them at the early age to donate their blood at least 25 times duringtheir time.          We have also organised several workshops on Donor Motivation, Education and Sensitization and  last year launched the Thalassemia Campaign and in 2008 launched the Volunteer Blood Donors of  Rodrigues.  Home >  About Us  ~ Dewanand Hossen    Treasurer of BDA & Member of     Bambous Blood Donors Ass Give Safe Blood Regularly Save A Life The Bambous Blood Donors Association was  created in 2003. It is affiliated with the BDA  (Mauritius). It was created with the aim to help the  inhabitants of the village as well as the nation to  promote and organise blood donation and to help  those whose lives depend on blood donors very  often. Besides, blood has no barriers, no religion  and is of same colour. It is a ray of hope for  patients. The Bambous Blood Donors Association helps  people who need blood through its  members/donors. The association regroup some  300 members/donors who give blood regularly. We  organise blood donation twice yearly. A donor  becomes a member of our association as soon as  she/he gives blood during our blood drives. There  are no fees and no subscriptions to pay. The list of  our members/donors with their blood group is  recorded in a database. Patients who need blood be it for surgical  operations for for transfusions receive it without any  problem. We started with 37 pints for the first time.  It then increased to 76 pints in the second blood  drive to reach 166 pints in October last year.  We are thankful for the kind support from our  sponsors. We are sure that if others follow our  example for this selfless service by setting an  Association to organize, sensitize and motivate  people on the importance of giving blood, there will  be no shortages in Mauritius and we can safely and  surely attain the target of 100% voluntary blood   donors. Blood is liquid love. Share it to those in need so that they can also enjoy a sound health/life Organize a blood donation Steps for organizing a blood drive Disclaimer Click here About Blood and Blood Donation What is blood Health benefits of donating blood History of blood Transfusion Where can I give blood Quiz on blood FAQ About our Organization About us President Message Executive Committee Members Media Protocol and Contact